Common myths about Orthodontic (Braces) Treatment
Orthodontic treatment is usually done to improve a persons appearance. But this treatment is also helpful in improving a person ability to eat food and harmonising the jaw position. There are many myths associated with Orthodontic treatment among common people. Let's evaluate them one by one.
1. Orthodontic treatment makes the teeth loose.
Reality- Orthodontic treatment does not make the teeth loose, reason being the rate at which teeth are moved is the same as when the teeth erupts in oral cavity. So it is just like the natural process of teeth eruption.
2. Removal of teeth for braces treatment affects eye sight
Reality- There is no relation between teeth and eyes. Treatment of one does not affect another. So removal of any tooth for braces treatment has no effect on vision or eye sight.
3. Orthodontic or braces treatment can only be done in childhood
Reality- There is no age limit for Orthodontic treatment! It can be done at any age as long as ones gums or periodontium is strong, means one does not have bone loss around teeth.


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