Things you should know about braces or Orthodontic treatment-
  1. Braces or Orthodontic treatment is done to move teeth in their correct position with respect to the jaws and face. 
  2. Most common reason to undergo braces treatment is either teeth are very forwardly placed in relation to the face so they look prominent or their is severe overlapping of teeth. In both cases the reason for this mismatch is the discrepancy between the size of the jaws and the size of the teeth. This mismatch between the size of the jaws and teeth in most cases will require removal of some teeth. Space created after removal of teeth is used to bring other teeth in correct position.
  3. Does removal of teeth affect the eye sight or weaken other teeth? Answer is NO. This is a common question of most patients. But this is totally incorrect. Each tooth is an individual unit, and removal of any tooth does not affect adjacent teeth. Similarly removal of teeth has no effect on eye sight.


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